• Uphold Features

    What Is Uphold?

    Uphold is a multi-asset platform that allows users to store, buy, and convert various crypto assets. The system supports not only 30 cryptocurrencies (and Utility Tokens) but also allows you to exchange 27 national currencies and 4 precious metals.

    This digital wallet is designed to quickly and easily store assets, send funds to other Uphold users around the world, and instantly exchange currency. Using a 100% redundancy model, Uphold subsidizes all user assets in a 1:1 ratio from its own funds.

    The service was launched in 2015 and is licensed in the USA and Europe. During its operation, the platform funded transactions worth more than $ 4 billion. This is an advantage for those who prefer to work with regulated websites. Now the platform offers its services in more than 180 countries and supports more than 30 crypto and fiat currencies.

    Uphold login combines a platform app model with payment connectivity to offer financial services to a global market. The purpose of creating the Uphold payment service is to protect users from the volatile market, giving them the opportunity to instantly, profitably and safely convert digital money into dollars, euros, and other fiat currency.

    The service is available not only for PC but for IOS and Android. The platform is translated into 6 languages including Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. Unfortunately, there is no Chinese and Russian translation yet.


    As is it was previously mentioned, the website functions as a virtual wallet for both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages over competitors. Moreover, users can use the application not only as a mobile wallet but also to exchange various fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and so on.

    Among all the features, the following advantages can be distinguished in the service:

    • Support of the wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and precious metals;
    • Licenses availability;
    • Easy to open and use;
    • Mobile applications for Android and iOS;
    • Two-factor authentication;
    • Easy money transfers to users inside the Uphold system.

    However, like any other service, the platform also has its disadvantages:

    • The methods of the account replenishment depending on the user's place of residence;
    • A conversion fee is charged whenever you buy or exchange currency.

    The service also offers a virtual MasterCard for all currencies. This means that even if you have an exclusive cryptocurrency account, currencies can also be used to make purchases in stores.

    In accordance with the information on the official website, Uphold is not a free service. The service does not charge any commissions on trades, withdrawal, and deposit. However, you'll pay for certain activities such as withdrawing funds to private wallets on crypto networks, or to banks through the Swift network in a small number of countries. Uphold also includes a small spread in the price of any asset you buy.

    Withdrawals to European banks through SEPA, and to US banks through ACH, are free.

    Multiasset Trading Platform

    Besides cryptocurrencies, Uphold allows you to buy into various fiat currencies and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. They also offer at least 40 U.S. equities. However, U.S. and Europe clients cannot trade equities at this time.

    Not only does Uphold let you buy the different assets, but they also allow cross-asset trades. For example, you could use Bitcoin to buy gold without converting your BTC into USD first. By skipping a step, you save time and one round of fees.

    Ease of Use

    The Uphold signup process is quick and easy; you just need to enter your basic personal information like email, country of residence, and nationality. You will also need to verify your identity by uploading a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

    You can link a bank or debit/credit card to make investments. You can get started with $10 using a bank ACH transfer or a debit or credit card.

    Another way Uphold saves time is by allowing one-step payments. Other platforms require you to deposit cash into your account before trading, so you must wait for the money to arrive before getting started. With Uphold, you make the purchase immediately using the linked payment method.


    Security is a crucial feature for any top cryptocurrency exchange. Uphold uses sophisticated encryption and layered defenses to limit attacks. They monitor their system 24/7 for threats, which they claim to respond to promptly—and regularly. They also say that they host regular audits and penetration tests.

    Uphold employees and third-party vendors must go through due diligence and background checks. Lastly, Uphold runs a bug bounty program, where if people find a system vulnerability, they can report it for payment.

    As an individual user, you can secure your account with two-factor verification while Uphold verifies your identity before allowing you to trade or withdraw funds. These are the standard security measures to keep your account safe.

    Staking Rewards

    Some cryptocurrencies function by having investors put up their tokens to help verify and run the blockchain, a system known as staking. When you do so, you lock up your cryptocurrency for a set period of time in exchange for earning more tokens as a reward.

    Uphold allows U.S. users to stake eligible cryptocurrencies in their portfolio on their platform. Ethereum, Tezos (XTZ) and Solana (SOL) are a few of the coins available for staking.

    The amount you earn depends on the cryptocurrency, with annual percentage yields (APYs) ranging from 4% to 19.5%.

    Each cryptocurrency may require different minimum amounts to start staking depending on the crypto.

    Debit Card

    Uphold offers a Mastercard crypto rewards debit card. You can use this card to spend the cryptocurrencies, precious metals, currencies or other investments in your account.

    When spending on this card, you get 1% cash back for spending U.S. dollars and 2% cash back for spending cryptocurrencies.